4 nights at Monkey Maya

(By McKayla)

We set our headlamp, shoes and towels on the beach and put on our goggles. Walking into the ocean at night was a little unnerving, seeing big black waves sweeping in toward us. But we were together and we walked forward. Nate dove under first. He popped up, “it’s so cool!” That sparked my excitement and curiosity enough to brave the dark waters. I held my breadth and went under. I couldn’t believe it! Beautiful glowing specks surrounded me. The brightest ones were on my arms, glowing even brighter when I waved them through the water. I moved a little deeper into the ocean so I could get my full body underwater – it looked like I was floating in the stars! Above us, the clouds had only a small hole to see the real stars through; in the very far distance lightning blinked on the horizon. Even when I brought my arm above water, the plankton would continue to glow on my skin for half a minute. Nate picked me up, cradling me in his arms in chest deep water and he spun me. I stuck my hand out to create a sparkling fluorescent circle in my wake.

      It was an incredible experience that my photography skills couldn’t capture but I encourage you to google image search ‘glowing plankton‘ to see the beauty. 

       That was the highlight of my stay at Monkey Maya but our entire time there was unforgettable. It’s an open air bar/restaurant/lounge with 260 degree views of ocean and jungle. 

There was no lack of things to do. During our stay we took a few jungle walks, one of which was to a traditional Khmer village, and kayaked up a river of mangroves. 

The rest of the day we spent relaxing, reading, writing and napping (no internet), all on the deck where we could watch storms roll in, beautiful sunsets or fishermen float by. 

Happy hour started at 5:30 and thats when they’d turn on the music. It would start out with mellow instrumentals. We’d get our discount drinks and watch the sunset. As the evening went on, the music became faster/more upbeat and a little louder. We’d start socializing and enjoying the evening with drinks, laughter and stories. The staff were quite the characters and really made our stay wonderful. 

          I couldn’t recommend Monkey Maya enough. I think it’s one of my favorite places on earth.        


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