Indonesia Part One

4/11 – 4/19/2017    We spent two days on Sumatra. Our short stay wasn’t due to dislike, we just messed up. The internet connection was so bad in Australia (well at least the areas we visited) that we couldn’t properly do our research. A lot of the backpackers […]

Mainland Australia

4/2 – 4/10         So, we decided to do a campervan relocation from Melbourne to Darwin. Normally, renting a campervan can cost anywhere from $60/day – $120/day. We heard about the relocation program; if a company needs a vehicle moved across the country, you can […]


3/30 – 4/2        Melbourne doesn’t seem particularly well designed and her public transportation isn’t exactly user friendly (didn’t try the tram but the train map looked like a circuit board fucked a constellation) but she makes up for it in style. It’s crawling with back […]

Tasmania Part 2

       Wineglass Bay was next on our docket. Even though we were both feeling a little weary from lack of sleep, we were determined to hike the loop around wineglass bay. We weren’t sure if the weather was going to play along but we started our […]

Tasmania Part One

3/22 – 3/29        I’m really excited about Tasmania, I’ve always had an interest in the small island off the southern tip of Australia. I don’t know when it started, probably with Taz, but as far back as I can remember it always seemed like a […]


3/15 – 3/21        I found an AirBnB on the south side of Christchurch. We ended up staying in the spare bedroom of a nice newlywed couple, Georgie and Tyrone. We had nearly a week to relax, take in Christchurch and stay somewhere for more than […]

Fjordland National Park

3/10-3/12/2017        The list of things we didn’t do in New Zealand’s Fjordland is much longer than our list of accomplishments there. The 3 great walks had been booked months out, Milford Sound was pretty far out of the way, and the helicopter/airplane/boat tours were out […]


3/5-3/8/2017        The owner of the homestead cabin that we had rented pointed us to a valley between Twizel and Wanaka.  We headed down a long dirt road that put our little bitch of a car to the test (the Punta is a puta).   Just […]