Marlborough Sounds

Marlborough Sounds 2/19-2/20/2017        We woke up to clearish skies and some great green rolling hills springing up from the nearby sound. For as small as Picton was it was booming (we later learned there was an annual yacht sailing competition taking place that weekend, which explained […]


2/16-2/17/2017        We were ready for a night out on the town in Wellington, New Zealand. Turns out, it wasn’t ready for us. I guess should say it didn’t really have room for us. We haven’t booked ahead in New Zealand yet and rarely in our […]

Black beach and Cape Palliser

2/13/2017-2/16/2017        After our long night drive we stopped in the town of New Plymouth for some wifi, coffee, delicious muffins and unfortunately a parking ticket. Apparently $4 for parking didn’t buy you a lot of time in this “bustling” downtown of New Plymouth. I’d thought […]


2/12/17 By Nate       The Glowworms caves was one of the top things on McKayla’s list of things to see in New Zealand. She’d made us a reservation with the best of guide companies to tube through the Waitomo caves and enjoy some glowworms in the […]

NZ: Rainbow Mountain

2/7/2017 By Nate       We attempted to go to another thermo park that’d been privatized. Without any Maoris yelling at us and slapping their chests it didn’t seem worth it. Instead we found a nice lake to walk around and enjoy some of the local farmland. […]