10. Apsara dancers

As I mentioned before, a 5 dollar rum bucket made with local rum will lead to a pounding headache the following day.  We even ate and stayed up drinking water, but that rum is taking its revenge irregardless. There are a surprising number of small cafés here serving pastries and coffee. I got an almond croissant stuffed with a banana and chocolate; it was freaking incredible. Unfortunately, not even my incredible croissant could satiate this brutal, and frankly unwarranted, hangover. Around noon it was time for a $.50 beer and thankfully, a shitty light beer accomplished what breakfast and ibuprofen could not – a calming to the overzealous marching band in my head.

Since we arrived in Cambodia, McKayla’s been keeping an eye out for Apsara dances, a traditional Khmer dance group. She found one performing tonight at the Temple bar for free. After a very questionable lunch (questionable as in we weren’t sure exactly what we were eating) we had dinner at the Temple Bar where we knew what we were eating… but it still wasn’t very good. The mushrooms here are huge and have a very slimy texture, I just couldn’t do it. McKayla had some shrimp in a thick, garlic tomato soup that was pretty good and she was even kind enough to share. As we were eating, the Apsara dancers started coming out. They all had bright outfits with gold crowns resembling temples.  Their movements were slow but deliberate.  Thier trademark are the fingers that bend backwards, they bend from years of binding(not sure why they put themselves through all that but maybe some king had a weird kink way back when.  I’m sure the answer is out there but I don’t feel like researching it; you have the Internet knock your self out if it’s eating at you).  

They came out and did about a half dozen different dances.   McKayla and I both really like the coconut dance, where five guys joined the five Apsara dancers and knocked coconut shells in a series of face paced rhythemic dances.  I’ll admit, I wasn’t all that excited to watch dance traditions but they put on a great show and we both had a fun time.

Remember that monkey/demon battle a few blog posts ago? There’s a dance version of the story


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