4. Street food – some good, some very bad

In an effort to beat the jetleg yesterday, we coninued with our plan to nap, drink coffee and walk. We grabbed dinner at a street cart. It was delicious noodles with 2 beers for $3.50, again we sat in tiny chairs at tiny tables.   .

To make sure we stayed awake, we went for another walk after sundown and had a drink along in the Mekong at one of the sky bars overlooking the river. Ruby got herself a French Mohito and I got a Cambodian holiday. It was crazy to get a Birdseye view of people on their Motos making seemingly crazy maneuvers without any consequence. 

Our plan worked – we didn’t wake up until 6:30 this morning. After breakfast we wanted to listen to the Packers on Sunday night football (at 7:30 this morning). However, on this wet, dreary morning, the Wi-Fi that we’d become reliant on, shat the bed. We somehow get Jimmy Fallon at night but there seems to be no live NBC. There are two channels carrying MLB playoffs,  four with soccer, eight with Asian music videos, four with the US debate, but no American football. But, being the diligent and dedicated Packer fans that we are, trudged out to a local café to watch the second half of the game via gamecast. Yes, those ever exciting tiny circles that slowly make their way back-and-forth across the tiny green rectangle. Thankfully, it’s fairly detailed and constantly updated. Go Pack!

The rest of today will be fairly mellow. We hit most of our intended destinations around Phnom Pehn. There are a few museums I wouldn’t mind visiting but I think McKayla and I are content taking a day to relax and avoid a few of the busier areas. We walked around to pick out our street food vendor of the evening but we chose poorly, getting the worst food so far. You’d think mystery meats roasted on a stick would have a few winners here and there but not this time. Thankfully, there were several restaurants along the river pouring $.50 drafts to provide some satisfaction where dinner could not.  .  .


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  1. Hey Nate and McKayla,

    First, I stumbled across your blog and wanted you guys to know that you’re writing is clever and hilarious. This trip sounds amazing, and SE Asia is somewhere I’ve always wanted to go. Good luck out there, and I’ll be following the adventures closely.

    Mike Finlay


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