We quit our jobs to travel

(By McKayla)

We finally did it!  We’ve been married 5 years but it was about two and a half years ago that we decided to start saving money to be able to do this. 

We’d gone on adventures in the past: backpacking trips around the US, kayaking in the Bahamas, canoeing the Smith River and bicycling around Ireland. All were very unique, very precious experiences to us but we wanted one a little more long term. If we were going to spend 2 days traveling to get to the other side of the world, we might as well spend some time there.

When an idea turned into a game plan those two or three years ago, it became a part of our everyday conversations. Evolving from “where do we want to go” to “how much money do we need” then”what do we need to know about each country” and “how do we get visas and vaccines.”

Choosing a departure date evolved with our lives.  We wanted to pay off student loans, earn enough mileage points to get free one way tickets, figure out our house (rent it out or sell) and then there was my sister’s engagement and wedding date set.  Thank’s to hard work and help from friends, all the pieces fell perfectly into place and here we are.

We’re hoping to do about 9 countries in about 9 months, depending on our budget and how we feel. We begin in Southeast Asia but we’re off to a slow start. We made it from Bozeman to Chicago and got stuck. We boarded, deplaned, boarded again then deboarded again. Our connecting flight is long gone from Munich while we sit idly in the states calm but feeling like we’re not off to the best start. We now have an extra day and a half of travel in our very boring start to the adventure.


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