Weir Creek Hot Springs

Trip theme:

A Valentine’s Day of snuggling up with a pool full of strangers.


From Missoula, Montana, drive south to Lolo (about 10 miles), then turn west onto highway 12.  You’ll take that up and over the Idaho state line (about 42 miles to the pass).  Keep going.  You will pass parking for Jerry Johnson Hot Springs which are also nice.  About 10 miles after Jerry Johnson, you are looking for a sign for Mocus point.  It’s around mile marker 143.

The hike isn’t far to the spring.  I don’t even think it’s a mile in.  However, when we went in it was very slick.  Others have said it’s rocky and treacherous but for us, it was just icy.  Yes, I fell on my butt.  Hard.


We knew it would be crowded when we saw over 20 cars parked at Jerry Johnson Hot Springs. It looked a bit more promising at The Weir parking lot with only about 7 vehicles but that was deceiving.  It was packed when we got to the pool.  Since we were a group of seven, we waited and had a beer while waiting for a few people to leave and open up some room for us.  It wasn’t too long of a wait but it was still pretty crowded even once we got in.

We hiked in wearing our suits under our clothes.  After the soak we held up towels for each other to change behind so we wouldn’t have to hike out wet in the cold.  

Trip takeaway:

Beautiful pool but don’t go during peak hours with nice weather on a Saturday.


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